Competing against AI (Artificial Intelligence)

An issue that will affect the careers of many, including your children ...

Learning is the best defense.

  Reading is undoubtedly one of the tools to help. 

The better you read, the more efficient you become at learning; these are undoubtedly skills that will help ...

Ai will challenge many jobs ...
Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly powerful and could quickly become a severe competitor to humans.

When it hits the mainstream in several areas, most notably, AI will challenge many jobs.

How will humans compete? 

You will have no choice ...
Humans might find themselves in a situation to be competing against very sophisticated computers and robots that can replace them at work.

How will humans compete? 

I don't know all the answers. But one suggestion I have is that if you can gather more information more easily. And you're very efficient at learning. Then, you might be able to develop abilities that will help you keep ahead of these technologies. 

It will allow you to grow all the time.

Probably there will be many solutions, opportunities ...

One of them is certainly to keep learning.

There are many ways to learn, like being trained by somebody else, watching videos listening to a podcast, and maybe additional means in the future. 

What About Reading?

But I firmly believe that being very good at reading will help you immensely.

Through reading, you can acquire the knowledge and the flexibility to move from a type of job highly threatened to another one where a lot of human intelligence is still needed.

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