Learn How To Read a 300-page Book

Within An Hour- An Hour and a Half!

... Taking Your Time !

The key is in the METHOD!
  • ​Learn how to understand, comprehend a lot more
    of what you read.
  • ​Learn how to read faster
    while taking your time ...
  • ​Learn how to remember and retain more of what you read.
  • ​Learn how and what
    to takes notes about.
  • ​Learn how to remember much longer what you just learned.
Sharpen a reading skill that will save you time worth
a hundred times the investment of $47!

Secret #1

How to Take Your Time

You don't need to use particular tools
or speed-reading techniques.
What you need to know is
how to do It.

Secret #2

You Will Not Need Tools, Software,
to Push Yourself to Read Faster. 
Reading a non fiction book
within an hour
doesn't even need to speed-reading. 

Secret #3

How to Make Sure
You Will Remember and Apply What You Learn.
How to remember it easily,
and apply what you learned.

This is an over the shoulder training

You Will See Exactly How to Do It!

  • What to Look for
  • How to proceed
  • Where to start
  • ​What to Do First
  • ​What to Do Next
  • What to do Last
  • What Not Do!
What Others Are Saying ...
Why would you trust the testimonial of anybody that you don't know?
We recommend only one testimonial:
Follow the Training,
If You Aren't Satisfied With The Results,
Send Us an Email and We Will Refund You 100%!

There's More ...

You also get the following bonuses!

3 Very Powerful Memory Techniques 

To leverage what you read by remembering it ...

1. The Loci Method

How remember a list of things to do, a presentation to deliver, or the content of a document.

2. The Peg Method

How to associate images of objects to remember them.

3. The Link System

How to use one image as a cue to recall the next one and remember many items.

Additional Videos

  • 4. Understand how fast we forget and the simple solution to apply.
  • 5. Elon Musk on knowledge Acquisition and Reading Habits.
  • 6. What makes a big dream achievable?
    The recommendation of two individuals who made it big: Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. 
  • ​7. A time management approach
    that will help you plan better and appreciate more your achievements.
  • ​8. Myths About Reading Faster
    And the facts about them ...
  • ​9. And more ...
    to inspire you and help you become a greater version of yourself ...

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Learn how to read a 300+page book within an hour!

It is an over-the-shoulder course that shows how to do it
so that you can do exactly the same.
Sharpen a reading skill that will save you time worth
a hundred times the investment of $47!

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