I Read Better

IF I do this or that ...
The solution is to read better consistently. 
And this is not as demanding as you might think. 
It isn't easy for you because you create obstacles yourself. 
For example, you tell yourself phrases like 
¨Well, if I read more, I would have a better vocabulary … ¨
That is undoubtedly true. But it doesn't help you. 
It paralyzes you. 

Here is a tip.

Getting better at reading is forever ...
Get rid of disempowering self-talk.
Even a reading expert, if he is honest,
can still grow in learning how to read better.
So, it might be at the understanding of poems, for example.
Whoever is reading this article can still improve his reading. 
Then, what does that mean for you?
Avoid statements that are a state.
Others and even you can challenge that.
Like I am a good reader. What does that mean? 
Others and you can challenge that affirmation with questions like: " Remember when you read … and didn't understand?
Or, you don't have that much vocabulary, do you?
Or I never saw you read a classic or the following literature …." 

All steps makes you better.
The first step is to start by telling yourself
¨ I am learning to read better because …"
and write the most recent action you took
that improved your reading skill.
If you lack inspiration, you can write the following after because...
... I am reading this article.
Reading this article is a reason you can add after because …. 
Reading this article (Post) reinforces your desire to do an additional step. 

Then pick the next step.

Take note: You already started ...
It doesn't have to be difficult.
Make it simple and precise.
It might be as simple as 
¨I am becoming a better reader because 
I decided to improve my reading skills. " 

Even taking a decision is a step. 

It isn't because it took one second that it isn't one. 
And it isn't because you feel it is easy 
that it isn't one. 
Instead, this little fact that took you a fraction of a second 
will lead you to take additional action.

It doesn't have to be difficult, 
and it doesn't have to be something you don't like to do.

So, rephrase in your head as follows 
¨ I already read better because … ¨ 
with the above examples that apply or 
anything that comes to your mind.

Think of something that you would enjoy. 
You won't get far if you impose on yourself 
something you don't like. 
Keep that for a little later.

Now if you think of something like 
¨ … I will
It isn't compelling, easy, and precise enough. 
So instead, think of something like:
I will read the first page 
(that might be as simple as that) 

Then, when I have finished that first page, 
I will decide when I will read the next time.

All steps makes you better.
You will want more of it 
when you start to be proud of yourself 
because of these small wins. 

That is how children build their interests, 
and we're still children, aren't we?

Then you become a better reader than 
a day, an hour, or a minute ago. 
It will always be valid after 
you do something that makes it so.

You can't lose. And nobody can challenge you 
and destroy your new spirit, even yourself.

Questions like this article's beginning, 
" You don't have that much vocabulary, do you? 
Or, I never saw you read a classic or the following literature …." 
won't matter anymore.

From now on, your focus is on the statement, 
"I am becoming a better reader." 
That is always true every time you do something about it. 
However little it might be. 😀

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