Beliefs & Learning Something New

If you believe you can't.
You're done.
Beliefs & Learning Something New

Belief is a mighty lever of our mind.
It can help us be better and move forward or
handicap us and stop us from doing anything.

If we believe we can, it helps that we try.
It doesn't guarantee success, though.
It is why we may not try.
We don't have the confidence we can,
even when people around us believe we can.

Since there is no guarantee of success,
I will not tell you to base your life on belief only.

But one thing is sure.
If you believe you can't. You're done.
You will not do anything to try.

A belief that we can't is much more consequential.
It ends your march to do something about it.

Food for thought. 

"If you believe, 
it is because you don't know.
If you know,
you don't need to believe anymore."
Is it a fact or a belief?
Our beliefs are about things we don't know.

"If you believe, it is because you don't know.
If you know, you don't need to believe anymore."

So, instead of concluding that you can't be or do something
based on a belief,
ask yourself why you believe that.

Here is an example: "I am too short to play basketball. "

It is said as if it is a fact.

Do you know that you can't because
you are too short or because you believe that?

What do you know about it? Have you researched the subject?
Have you verified that no basket players are
the same height that you are or will become?

Finding the answer to the first question will lead you to ask.

Questions like, since there were a few,
what did they need to do to be successful because of their height?

Then, can I do what they did? If I am not sure, I can. 
But again, is this a belief or a fact if I don't think so? 
Why don't I think so?
Ask yourself why you believe that. 
When you tell yourself something limiting 
your potential and happiness, 
ask yourself, is this a belief, or 
is it based on facts and knowledge?

Base your decisions on
what you know
instead of disempowering beliefs.
That does not guarantee that you will find 
that you can do anything you want.

But you will get better at 
using what you know instead of making decisions 
on disempowering beliefs. 
Then, you might realize that 
you can do something you didn't think you could…

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