Do you have to read a book that is difficult to read?

When your knowledge of the subject
is very limited.
For whatever reason, you must read a book
about macroeconomics, commercial laws, or else.

Your knowledge is very limited in the subject,
and you know in advance that right at the beginning,
you will be facing sentences you will not understand.

Suppose that the reason is that
you aren't very familiar with the vocabulary.
Vocabulary is often the main obstacle to
reading a new book on an unfamiliar subject.

Now, going through the vocabulary of the whole industry
or a broad topic like the laws would not make sense.

Here is a tip to quickly diminish this problem
and reduce your discomfort.

Use the Index of the book
Identify words that you don't understand
Go to the index pages of the book at the end.
There you will find the vocabulary used in the book.
Please list the keywords you don't know what they mean.
Mark that list with the words you identify
they come back often in the book and, or
that there are a lot of pages for that subject.
It is where you start.



If this is your book and you will be writing into it,
you can circle or make a mark in the index
to quickly find them again
and take advantage of that.
You can look at the page it refers to.


Find the definitions
Online, you can ask for a definition of that short list of words.
This exercise will quickly increase
some understanding of the words used in your book.
Reading the book will be
much easier ...
It should take about 20-30 minutes for most readers.

It will make a huge difference
in the next step of starting to read that book.

Your confidence will be higher too,
which will significantly reduce your aversion
to getting through this. ūüėÄ

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Velocity: the direction and the speed.
Reading: getting information through the written words.
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