How to Read More ... a Few Tips

Don't blame yourself
for the fact that
there is less time available
Here are a few reasons why some of you don't read more:
 • You are too busy with work, spouse, family, kids, friends, 
sports, movies, TikTok, and activities. There isn't much time left.
 • You probably spend more time on social media, 
sending and receiving messages than you think ...
 • There are so many places to get information on the Internet.
It is today's reality, don't blame yourself: 
there is less time left to read than it used to be. 

Trying to read books you don't care about will not help you.
Develop your reading skills to eliminate various problems
Then there is a lack of interest, or you find yourself trying 
to read books that others suggested, think you should read, 
or are classics.
You find that some of these books are a struggle to read, 
or you never developed a love for them.
And finally, when you read:
 • You find it challenging to stay concentrated.
 • You often start daydreaming while reading.
 • You have to reread because you forgot what you just read.
 • You forget most of what you read.
 • You lose interest in finishing reading most books.
 • You feel you're not taking much advantage of 
what you learned from what you read.

Our recommendations are for those with a few or many of these issues.

Don't take too big a step.
First of all, take a step back and 
notice that the roots of the problem are mainly 
a lack of time, interest, and appropriate reading.
If you want to read more, 
accept to start from where you are right now. 
Don't go from ¨I read one book last year¨ to 
"I want to read one a month." 
It is not fun. 
Start with what pleases you.
Anyway it will be better than last year, right?
Drop reading what you don't like.
Think of how children learn to enjoy reading. 
They read what pleases them, which is how 
they develop an interest in reading more. 
We still behave a little like a child, sometimes 
when we don't perform as much as we would like to...
Assess how much you read last year and the year before. 
Whatever more you read in the next 12 months 
will be an improvement, right?
Decide that you will read books that you will enjoy. 
Start with what you like. Forget about reading 
classics or books others recommended that you're not sure.
If you are unsure about a specific book, read a few pages. 
If it bores you, drop it. No law requires you to read that book. 
It is like food. If you don't like calves' liver, 
why would you eat it?
With books, it's the same. Forget trying to read books you won't like. 
Maybe in a few years if you ever become an avid reader. 
But for now, please do yourself a favor and forget them.

How to start? What is the next step?

Plan moments and places where
you can read a little.
Start with only a paragraph if it is what you can do ...
Then, depending on your style, maybe you can 
decide and plan a moment you will read for 30 minutes or an hour. 
But if you are not even at that step, 
try something more manageable. 
For example, put that book beside your bed to read 
or beside the coffee machine for when you will prepare 
your next coffee and have to wait. 
Or find another moment like that, as easy, 
where and when you think it will be reasonably easy. 
Also, it doesn't matter if, at this time, 
you read only a paragraph or a page. 
Accept that it is a new start. 
If you choose a book you like or want to read, 
it will be the beginning. 
You might be surprised where it leads you in a few days 
or weeks and how it might change your interest and approach to reading. 

Forget willpower, follow your interest.
Try simple and pleasant steps if you have difficulty 
convincing yourself to read more. 
Follow the easy path to develop your interest. 
Don't waste your willpower on this. 
It will just get you to hate reading even more. 
Experiment and work from the basis 
to enjoy the books you read.
You might become more interested and disciplined in a few months or years. 
Compared to the past years, it should be a plus. 
A few months or even years will pass quickly. 

Time flies ...
Suppose you started with the suggestion above two years ago. 
Would you be happy you did today? 
It will be the same two years from now if you start now ...

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Velocity: the direction and the speed.
Reading: getting information through the written words.
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