Are you reluctant to read Novels with many characters and events?

Too many characters?
There are a discouraging number of characters and incidents
in very long and complex stories.

It might be overwhelming and stop you from even trying to read it.

Here's what you need to know to find it less intimidating.

Only a few characters are central
Only a few critical characters and events will be central to the story.

Most of the events and characters in those books are
to build the backgrounds of the main events and characters.

They are there to make the main ones more complete
and to present them on a more robust, convincing ground.

The authors will give you hints ...
If you are flexible, you can follow the path of the author.
Be patient and know that you will start to put it all together
at one point in the book.

Then, you will understand where everything fits.
It will take a while and be a little of a challenge.
But it is there.

You have to know that most writers know
that their readers will be confused and overwhelmed.

So, without destroying the intrigue,
they will help you along the way to pinpoint
or lead you to capture more critical situations.

You might have to wait ...
Also, like in real life, you understand better some events
long after they happened with some hindsight.

So don't be too anxious if you don't understand everything
before you reach your way into the book or even the end of it.

Some authors will let you connect everything
with the last events that provide insight into their story.

Take notes of 
Character's name and events
If you find it too complicated,
an option to help you is to take notes.
First, please note the characters' names
and what happened to them while you read.
Then when they reappear in the story,
you can refer to your notes a
nd more easily connect the dots.

Read summaries first
Finally, to help you sort it all
if you want to know some aspects of the story in advance
because you will enjoy it more.

You can read summaries online of almost any book.
You can learn who are the main characters and events.
It will be easier.

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