Your eyes and your vision are circular.

In other words, you see both vertically and horizontally. 

An unusual fact:
Did you know that some regions in China used to 
write vertically and in their newspaper?
To simplify all communications across China, 
they switched to horizontal writing in the 50s.
You can see many lines
When you look in front of you, 
you see horizontally and vertically. 
So, it is natural for us to see more 
than what we focus on.
It might be a surprise that you can read vertically 
and see more than one line at a time.

You can see a column of figures in Excel without difficulty 
or ¨Books¨ in the image of this post.
B                       V                      R
O                       E                      E
O                       R                      A
K                        T                      D
S                        I                       I
                          C                      N
                          A                      G
You see both vertically and horizontally. 
When we read, we forget that we also see vertically because 
the texts are written horizontally.

Search, Skimming, and Scan
can be much easier
You might find it very useful 
when looking at a document 
to find something specific.
With practice, you will see broader 
and higher simultaneously. 
¨Finding keywords¨ is much easier 
when you have some techniques 
to see an entire paragraph at once.
Learn the techniques ...
There are techniques and lessons 
to learn seeing 3 or 5 lines at a time when 
searching, scanning, skimming ...
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Velocity: the direction and the speed.
Reading: getting information through the written words.
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