We forget so fast !

You forget close to 
80% of what you learn ...
In the next post, I will explain why we forget so fast.

In this one, here is a diagram that shows you how fast we forget.
After one day, we forgot over 70% of what we heard, did, or saw.
After a week, almost 80 %.

There are exceptions if something very emotional happens
or is essential to you.

But still, a lot of details might be lost.

For important matters to remember,
take the forgetting curve into account.
If you want to remember something specific, 
here is an easy tactic to significantly increase your memory.
The most powerful tactic is to take a few minutes 
every day for a week, then one week later, one month later, 
three months, six months, and a year later 
to revise what you wish to remember.

(You can easily set reminders to do so in your smartphone calendar).

A few minutes to review in a timely manner will produce a huge difference
Taking those few minutes will help you remember
80% of what you learn instead of forgetting 80%.

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