"Speed describes only how fast an object is moving, 
whereas velocity gives both how fast and in what direction..."

Edwin Bidwell Wilson

Is any of these a concern ...

  • Do you feel you could read faster and better
  • ​Do you still read like a beginner?
    That is, as you learned in school?
  • Would you like to teach your kids how to read better and faster and improve their learning skills?
  • Do you forget most of what you read?
  • ​Do you have a hard time remembering and applying what you read?
  • ​Did you know that there are reading best practices?
This is no ordinary book.
This is a book on how to read other books.
There will be no introduction or a lengthy explanation.
Instead, we will jump right into what you must do.

Velocity Reading

The Career Edge of Reading Better and Faster

“When one reads too quickly or too slowly, one hears nothing¨

Blaise Pascal

Read Velocity Reading to see your speed to extract quality information soar

The author learned to read faster and better at 14 years old. He found a book on the subject while attending every week's reading hour at the school library. 

To enjoy that hour that he and most young men hated at the time, he used his new skill to read a whole fiction book within the period. 

Today, to the amazement of his spouse, he often read an entire nonfiction book at the bookstore while waiting for her to pick one to buy.

"In addition to you, I dedicate this book to parents and teachers who teach kids to read with love and patience. "

What is Velocity Reading?

  • The brain drives your readings, not the eyes, the finger, or anything else. - pg. 13
  • Reading faster is a tool, not the objective. - pg. 13
  • ​Read much faster without skipping any text. Why complicate - pg. 17-34
  • Reading faster and better is the result we are looking for. - pg. 34
  • ​In elementary school, you have learned to read word for word. Why is it a problem? - pg. 35
  • ​Let your brain drives your readings, not the finger or anything else. Learn why. - pg. 36
  • How to increase the width of your vision. - pg. 39
  • ​Do not read as fast as possible. It is a mistake. Learn Why! - pg. 71
  • Your eyes and your vision are circular. In other words, you see both vertically and horizontally. Learn how to enlarge your vertical vision span and read on mobile devices. - pg. 77-142
  • Keywords Searching Techniques. - pg. 143
  • To learn how to read faster, take your time first! Interesting, right? - pg. 143
  • Train your brain to anticipate. - pg. 149
  • Exercise to find a word or an idea faster without straining. - pg. 151
  • ​Three Search Techniques and when to use them- pg. 159-169
  • The five helpful and powerful skimming techniques to save time and the art of extracting ¨La crème¨ of a text with exercises. - pg. 189-260
  • ​What you should do with your finger, hand, pencil, pen, or software. - pg. 263
  • Easy and practical solutions for regression and subvocalization. It isn’t what you think … - pg. 271
  • A wrap-up to help you capitalize on what you learned. - pg. 281
  • ​Bonus # 1. Tactical and Advanced Reading
  • What is in a book and how to read a 300-page book within one hour! - pg. 291-318
  • Tips on taking notes - pg. 319
  • ​Bonus # 2. How to get Access online in your membership area. Contents:
  • Three very powerful memory techniques
  • ​ How fast we forget and the best solution not to!​
  • ​An important time management tip
  • Six myths about reading faster that die hard and the reality
    (if you have to argue with people around you)
  • How to subscribe to keep receiving tips and future releases of more ...

Take that first step that will improve your life ... forever!

This is no ordinary book.
This is a book on how to read other books.
There will be no introduction or a lengthy explanation.
Instead, we will jump right into what you must do.
Learn to read better (and faster)
Become a master at gathering information in books.

10 How to Lessons With Exercises

In the first lesson,
you will learn the most critical technique: The Tennis Technique

A method that doesn't require you to skip any text
so that you don't miss anything.
 You will never read the same way anymore ...
Each additional lesson requires around 15 minutes
and comes with exercises. 

The Bonus Lesson alone … is worth 100X what you invest in this book. 😀
You will enjoy having more fun reading
and becoming a master at gathering information in books. ©  2016-2023 All Rights Reserved

Velocity: the direction and the speed.
Reading: getting information through written words.
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