Read Faster... Read Better...
Which Means You Will
Learn Faster and Better.
No matter your objective, you will acquire this very important skill for life.
Each lesson comes with  practices to master the technique.
The Coaching
The philosophy and the approach to have you learn the techniques fast.
The Tennis Technique
How to read faster
without loosing any content
at the speed you think.
Vertical Reading
How to improve your vision span
to be able to grasp much more reading material in one glance.
Save more time.
Learn how to read
less words...
Scanning Techniques
Quickly find what seems to be the key phrases of a chapter.
Skimming Techniques
With the help of the scanning technique you just learned,
quickly identify and extract
the most relevant content.
Use of Tools
How to use and not to use readily available tools like your finger, pen, hand. 
What about software?
What we suggest.
Regression & Subvocalization
A better understanding of what regression and subvocalization are. Don't listen to popular beliefs. Learn the real answers.
Strategic Reading
How to read a 300+page book in less than an hour and have a much better understanding.
Who is ... Techniques
Become a better learner.
Who is writing? Who is reading?
Wear different hats to significantly improve your understanding.
Mastering a subject
¨we learn best what we teach.¨

What you should do to master a subject to be able to teach it.

Upcoming Lessons
In the works:
More advanced techniques.
How to take notes.
How to structure sharing your knowledge.
How to teach your kids these powerfull skills.
and more...

Use Our Services to maximise your lessons.
Supervised, followed-up.

Get feedback on your progress and understanding.
Ask how to use it in your specific context or objectives.

Benefit from an one-on-one discussion. 

Choose between a Do It yourself or with the assistance of a coach.
Do it yourself
One time fee.
  • Full access to all lessons.
  • Q&A by email.
  • Support available.
How To LEARN a 300-PAGE Book
Within ONE Hour!
Same lessons, plus the supervision of a coach
One time fee.
  • Full access to all lessons.
  • Lessons partially delivered automatically.
  • Progress monitored by the coach and lessons scheduled with you.
  • Direct phone number of the coach available to you to ask questions.
  • Planned communication by the coach to verify progress, answer questions, pass on additional information.
  • Additional discussions on how to use these skills in your own context.
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