Read Better, Learn Better.

  • Read To Learn Better. 
  • ​Get Rid of That Backlog of
    Books To Read.
  • Save Time and Understand Better.
  • ​Save a lot of time reading news articles, magazines, publications from your associations, etc.
¨ We believe that reading better, faster is a major skill to acquire.
We wanted to give something back. Consequently, I have decided that, from now on, to render available for FREE,
my basic method to read better and faster.¨  

Outcome # 1 Prepared
For Better Opportunities

Read to learn better which helps you acquire more knowledge faster
so you can be prepared for
better opportunities.

Outcome # 2 Quickly Reduce Your Reading Backlog

Learn how to read faster so you're able to get rid of your books, documents, reports reading backlogs which means you can take control of your learning process.

Outcome # 3 Show
More Leadership

Understand better which enables you to take better decision, reduce risks and that means exercise more leadership.

Outcome # 4 Achieve
Your Full Potential

​Remember better so you can learn
much more from those reports, books
so you can achieve your unique potential and surpass your goals fast.

Outcome # 5 Better Present
Your Ideas

​Better present your arguments because you can better remember and cite
your references easily
so you can dissipate doubt and kill objections even before they are formulated which means you will have more opportunities to show leadership.

Outcome # 5 Books ...

¨ The book you don’t read won’t help. ¨
Jim Rohn
Here's a Special Message For
Everyone of You Who are
in The Middle Of A Great Career Or An Executive Having Less Time Than Before
To Read All These Reports, Books, Etc.
Who wants to Get Rid of That Backlog.
Hi, my name is Gilles Lavoie from, I learned to read better and faster at the age of 14. This is over 40 years ago. It served me and continue to do.

I want to share that skill with you.

Many of you suffer from the idea that, and believe that, you need to learn speed-reading techniques and skip text to read faster...

But nothing could be further from the truth.

And if you have a huge reading backlog, then, THIS, is exactly what you're looking for.  I'd like to introduce you to My Method which helps you to read better, faster, learn better, remember better... WITHOUT having to learn any speed-reading technique as a first step.

I am giving you a FREE - 3 Lessons ¨Read Better" online course to:
• Read better
• Read faster
• Understand much better
• Remember better
• Enjoy a lot more reading any kind of books
... and much, MUCH more!

And what makes this even better?

You will never have to worry about the biggest HURDLE most wants to overcome which is to read faster WITHOUT missing anything important.

Which also means you will not be stuck not knowing what to do when you see that big pile of books and documents anymore.

And best of all... You will get results immediately with the first 15 minutes lesson. Less time than reading the introduction and the beginning of most books!!! and it costs you nothing. FREE!

There are 3 lessons total. PLUS, 3 bonuses to increase your confidence and understanding of other issues like                   
           * subvocalization 
             (which are not really issues but just false beliefs as you will find out)
           * how to remember much better and for a very long time.

Think about the following:

• You need to be get better in what you do, set yourself apart from your
   competitors in this more and more competitive world.
• It takes less time to learn this method than to do about anything
  and you will totally change the way you read.
• It's FREE.

Thank You and Welcome to

Gilles Lavoie

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